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Application for Foreign Contractor Registration Certificate with CIDB

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

A foreign contractor is a company incorporated in Malaysia or abroad, with equity owned by foreign individual or company of thirty percent (30%) and above, except for foreign equity from ASEAN countries and also those under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

A foreign contractor is not permitted to carry out or undertake to carry out any construction project before obtaining a Foreign Contractor Certificate. A Foreign Contractor Certificate is only issued to foreign contractors to carry out construction projects stated within it. The certificate is valid until the expiry of the project stated within it.

Foreign Contractor Registration Certificate

a) Attach a copy of the latest company Registration Certificate from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)

b) Attach a tender advertisement or letter of invitation from the client

c) Has minimum net capital reserves / paid up capital of RM750,000.00 or an equivalent value in the currency of the country of origin

d) A copy of at least two (2) Malaysian technical persons’ local degree certificate. The degree must be in a construction related field. At least one technical person must have at least five years of experience in construction. Attach relevant information on construction work experience.

e) Complete and submit the SCORE form

f) Complete and submit the L1/96 form (Project Notification form)

g) A copy of the technical person’s latest EPF contribution payment

Provisional Registration Certificate

A foreign contractor must apply for the Provisional Registration Certificate before participating in any tenders in Malaysia. Companies are not allowed to participate in any tenders before obtaining a provisional registration certificate from CIDB.

The Provisional Registration Certificate is valid until the expiry of the tender or the date of extension. The contractor may not participate in any tender other than as stated in the certificate. If a contractor is successful in a tender bid, he must apply for a Foreign Contractor Certificate before commencing any work.

Application for Foreign Contractor Provisional Registration Certificate

a) A copy of the tender advertisement/ invitation from the client.

b) Evidence of work carried out in the form of proof of work / participation in tender related to construction, in Malaysia or abroad.

c) A minimum fund of RM750,000.00 / equivalent value in the contractor’s national currency. A copy of the company’s current account statement / a copy of the company registration from the country of origin stating the financial capacity (by CIDB company grade).

d) Information on the company’s technical person. A copy of academic certificates in a construction related field.

Processing Fee

The processing fee payable for Foreign Contractor Registration or Foreign Contractor Provisional Registration Certificate is RM50.00 / application.

Applicants may check their application results after 10 working days of submitting the documents.

If you have any enquiries or need clarification, please contact Bestar.

Application for Foreign Contractor Registration Certificate with CIDB | Bestar
Application for Foreign Contractor Registration Certificate with CIDB | Bestar

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