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Labuan Private Foundation

Labuan is the only jurisdiction in Asia that offers Foundation structures. Labuan Private Foundation is a legal entity fully protected by Labuan Foundation Act 2010. It is also one of the cheapest jurisdiction to set up and maintain.

Labuan Private Foundation is truly a perfect wealth management tool. It is a hybrid of a Company and Trust. Here are some key advantages of the Labuan Private Foundation:

v You have 100% control all the time

v Full control on how your foundation is to be structured and managed, types of assets to hold and beneficiaries with freedom to change anytime

v Can be set up by individuals or corporations and founder can be the beneficiary

v Unenforceability against any legal claims

v Duration of foundation can be perpetual or fixed time of your choice

v No minimum amount of assets required to be injected

v No tax on distribution to beneficiaries

v Low corporate tax of 3% on trading activities or 0% tax as investment holding

v Able to hold Malaysian assets! Income derived from Malaysia assets are subject to 24% tax

v No withholding tax and inheritance tax

v Can be used as charitable purposes

v Protected by highest degree of confidentiality

v It can be re-domiciled to another country of your choice at any time

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Bestar RW William.

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