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Payroll Services

Confidentiality in staff remuneration matters is of utmost importance in any organisation. The best way to achieve this objective is to have the payroll function delegated to an outside party, such as our Practice. We provide the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism which is essential when handling the payroll process.

In addition, businesses may actually find it more cost effective to outsource this function rather than to carry it out in-house.

Bestar RW William offers payroll services to businesses whether they are small/medium sized companies, large multinationals, new start ups or established organisations. Our special competencies and expertise allow these functions to be carried out efficiently, effectively and economically. We can help improve efficiency of traditionally complex and time consuming tasks for businesses.

We have the competencies and expertise to assist organisations carry out services that are a management distraction if performed in-house. Client can make better use of valuable financial resources to focus and concentrate on core business activities of the organisations and leave the worries of non-core activities to us.

Our payroll service comprises of registration of company/personnel with relevant statutory bodies, computation of gross to net salary with statutory matters handling and payroll reporting, all payroll-related payment services and preparation of annual returns for tax submissions.

We also offer related human resources services and administration support which integrate to payroll including e-HR, e-Leave and e-Attendance and e-Claim Management.

Our payroll service is comprehensive and includes:

· Registration of company as an employer with the statutory bodies such as the Inland Revenue Board (IRB), the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), and the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO)

· Registration and/or notification of a new employee with IRB, EPF and SOCSO

· Payroll process review, initial payroll set up, payroll system implementation, etc.

· Computation of the monthly amounts due to employees (locals and expatriates), taking into consideration the statutory deductions, recurring and special non-recurring income and deduction items

· Preparation of confidential individual pay slips and monthly payroll reports

· Payroll related payment services and salary crediting

· Preparation of monthly returns to the IRB, EPF and SOCSO, and effecting remittances

· Preparation of annual return of remuneration by Employer, such as Form E (Employers – Return) and Form EA (Statement of Remuneration from Employment - Private Sector), as required by the IRB

· Leave and time and attendance monitoring.

If you have any enquiries or need clarification, please contact Bestar RW William.

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